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Alcantarea imperialis purpurea

Category: Tropicals

This impressive member of the Bromeliad family has eye-catching purplish red leaves. The year round colour of this distinctive Alcantarea will lift the tone of gardens with a sub-tropical theme. Creamy white flowers are showy against the purple foliage
Height: 1.5m
Spread: 1.5m
Position: Full Sun
Care: Remove any old leaves as required. Fertiliser not required once planted Uses: Impressive container or garden plant
Soil: Well drained soil

Alcantarea imperialis rubra

Category: Tropicals

A spectacular and tough feature plant requiring little water or fertiliser once established. The luxuriant red underside of the leaf deepens in cooler weather and brightens any surrounding environment.
Height: 1.5m
Spread: 2m
Position: Full sun and also suitable for shade
Care: Remove dead leaves as required. No fertilser required after planting.
Uses: Use in large containers. Create a high impact by displaying the underside of the leaf in elevated pla...

Alcantarea odorata

Category: Tropicals

Coming from dry inland locations in Brazil, this species of Bromeliad is adapted to all day, full sun positions. It grows naturally on steep rock outcrops making it a very tough plant. It has gold flowers with a lovely fragrance.
Height: 2m
Spread: 1.5m
Position: Full sun
Care: Remove dead leaves as required. No fertiliser required after planting.
Uses: Feature plant or large container specimen. When planted in a raised position with full sun,it ...

Alcantarea vinicolor hawaiian red

Category: Tropicals

A smaller Alcantarea that still enjoys all day sun. The vinicolor has appealing burgundy foliage and stunning pale peach flowers, ideal for adding colour to smaller gardens. The burgundy colour will be stronger in full sun and greener in shaded areas. Height: 1m Spread: 1m Position: Full sun to part shade Care: Remove any old leaves as required. No fertiliser necessary. Uses: Beautiful container plant or to add colour to even a small garden. Soil Type: Well drained soil.
Aloe barberae

Category: Trees

Common Name:Tree Aloe
Exotic: from South Africa.
Dimensions: in the wild it can reach 18m, in cultivation often as wide as it is tall.
Flower: orange pink flowers.
Flower season: autumn and winter.
Uses: a striking specimen plant similar to the native pandanus in habit, used as a containerised plant or planted into the ground. The outstanding long green leaves make it a feature.
Soil type: adaptable to most soil types and tolerates drier condit...