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NATSPEC Certified Trees

Greenstock Nurseries have been at the forefront of tree production, growing our trees to NATSPEC Certification Standard for several years. Requesting NATSPEC Certified trees ensures that all trees supplied, are grown to industry best practice and are of superior quality. It also minimises the degree of failure of newly planted trees in landscape situations.


Greenstock Nurseries have adopted the NATSPEC "Specifying Tree Guidelines" for the production of our trees. Our staff are trained in the practices needed to produce a tree that meets the NATSPEC guidelines.

We are committed to producing quality trees for our clients. The following processes are undertaken when producing our trees:

  At the time of potting up -

  • any confused or circling roots are pruned back where they meet the wall of the container
  • the tree is potted in the centre of the container and is vertical
  • the depth of planting is correct
  • staking of trees is only conducted where necessary and is done outside the root ball

All trees are inspected for the following at each stage of growth -

  • no "J" roots or root circling present
  • there is a single leader and no damage to the tip
  • the tree is self-supporting
  • the tree is free from pests and diseases
  • the tree is true to form

 Our clients will find our trees -

  • have a strong root structure and formation
  • have single leaders, are straight and have a wider base than the top of the tree
  • are full of good health and vigour and are of even quality
  • are planted in the centre of the container at the correct depth ensuring there is no damage to the stem or the structure of the roots

Greenstock's after delivery tree care.

Once we have delivered the trees, it then becomes the responsibility of the customer to ensure the trees structural integrity continues. The following is a list of the practices that should be followed at the time of planting:

  • most importantly, ensure that the tree delivered comes with a NATSPEC compliant certification sticker
  • at the time of planting ensure any root distortion or confusion is pruned
  • all that is required is to trim the roots back to where they emerge from the root ball to encourage lateral root growth away from the trunk
  • where staking is necessary, ensure the stake is placed outside of the root ball and ties are loose

In performing the above tasks at planting, our trees will go on to perform in the landscape for many years.

Greenstock Nurseries are confident in the quality of our tree stock. With this confidence, we perform self certification of our tree stock to ensure it complies with the NATSPEC guidelines for Specifying Trees. We have trained members of staff as qualified NATSPEC certifiers. On request, we provide self certification of our stock to all customers.

Should our clients prefer their stock to be independently certified by an aborist, we can offer this service at a cost to our clients.


Figure 1 - Poor Root Structure

Figure 2 - Good Root Structure 1 month after pruning

Figure 3 - Even better root structure after 6 months


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