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As residential blocks get smaller and developments get higher, the demand for vertical gardens and greenwalls has grown dramatically in the urban environment, particularly in commercial spaces.

Most greenwalls are grown in isolation in the built environment and are generally islands of greenery in a concrete jungle.

Greenstock Nurseries have been growing plants specifically for greenwall projects for the past 5 years. We currently produce more than 100 species of plants that are commonly used in greenwall applications. Some examples are Bromeliads, Epiphytic Cacti, Ferns, Succulents with many native species included as well. 

We have been involved with Mark Paul’s the Greenwall Company as a specialist supplier on the following projects

QANTAS First Class Lounge at Sydney Airport

Google Office Sydney

Sussan Office Melbourne

King George Square Brisbane

As well as supplying plants for Plant Up for numerous projects in and around Sth East Qld.

Our latest project is the Airport Link Green wall. Queenslands largest green wall with over 900m2 of planting.

Greenstock Nurseries were commissioned to grow the 308 Greenwall panels for the Airport Link Tunnel.  This living greenwall covers an area of 900m2, spanning 155m along both sides at the entrance of the tunnel. After extensive research and consultation between Landscape Architect Arno King, and Greenstock Nurseries, 67 different plant species were sourced. A total of 17,222 plants, reflecting Queensland’s subtropical climate, were propagated by Greenstock Nurseries, specifically for the project. Planting of the greenwalls commenced at our Griffin site, in March 2011, and planting took two months to complete.The panels were grown facing the same orientation as their final placement in the tunnel. The greenwall panels have been designed to last for 40 years and are maintained by a state-of-the-art irrigation system.

The project, designed by RPS Group and overseen by Senior Architect Craig Lovering and developed by Theiss John Holland, is the largest project of its kind in Queensland.

For further information on this project, or for planting or greenwall advice, please contact Greenstock Nurseries on 07 3204 4522.

Click on the following link to view Courier mail article on Airport Link Tunnel greenwalls

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